Shanghai dragon to increase the page loading speed hand tutorial

first on a picture, is to test the

We see of our own movie station

is the most important problem is the first, optimize the picture this, because he ranked first. Because we are the movie station, so the home page has some pictures, and later after the treatment, the page score of speed fell to more than 90. First a processed picture.

has been to improve the loading speed of the page are love Shanghai and Google official website ranking effect, but how to do this, estimated that many friends do not understand now a hands-on tutorial, first use the Firefox browser, and then download the fiebug plugin, page speed, and then you can test it out. You can definitely find those factors influence the rate of the page opens in your site. read more

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How to effectively and quickly increase the site outside the chain

very fast!Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

A more than 400 increase in the chain of

? and forum posting replies

we can find a lot of hair in the comments and more chain snapshot forum. We pay attention to the rapid increase of the chain, the reply is relatively simple, if you really do not want to use their brains skills plus. In reply, it may be in the user signature with anchor text and URL, in many forums effective Oh ~ read more

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Do you know the website optimization to suck a great relationship and your choice of competitors

"than people, infuriating!" many times, often someone will kindly told us, do not have the comparisons of the heart. However, people are not saints, no comparisons of the heart, which to fight

? every day!< > When

soft is hot, how to write a million worth of soft is very popular; when taking micro hot, how to do micro earn 1000 yuan, click dally high; website, every time I see make million sites is how to build out, can the mouse click although the probability of more than 90%, know that this is an advertising paper…… read more

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The station optimization should pay attention to what matters to do business station

site optimization, structure optimization is the Shanghai Longfeng website must work hard to do a solid foundation to optimize, as a webmaster we must take account of the details of the aspects, and strive to optimize the work to do fine, the Xuzhou website optimization Xiaobian and a detailed discussion, we should go through those aspects to consider and analyze the optimization of enterprise website structure, the network world with my little knowledge and the webmaster discussion.

we know, when we go to a new city of the most commonly used method is to map to understand the position and direction information, reflected in this website, but also a sense of spider’s sense of direction, how can we reasonably guide is the site map is the best way, while robots is the webmaster and spiders were silent astepping-stone to success we exchange sites that allow access to those things is not a spider, spider crawling is the need for us to make reasonable shielding, robots file is the important document of our operation of these details, the 404 is the main site of user interaction and enhance the experience of the page, if the site because the server address or the file open error leads to abnormal, 404 pages the correct settings can guide users to we hope to show the next page, if we do not do the potential It will cause the website bounce rate increased, decreased in the user experience. read more

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Revealed in the network marketing which points determines the length of the article blog

generally speaking, the theme of this article determines the type determines the appropriate length, is basically determined. A similar story of soft Wen is usually long, in order to fully arouse the interest of customers, through the description of the details let the reader empathy, to reach the purpose of product approval. News articles are generally small, the language is calm and objective, to show their products with the recognition of the authority, to improve customer confidence. Review article length should be moderate, to clearly express enterprise view, rigorous language restraint. As to technical articles, as the professional strong, not easy to understand, relatively boring, should be more control in the word. read more

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Review of the 2012 Shanghai dragon experience sharing my

, for the 2012 Shanghai Phoenix children’s shoes, is destined to be an extraordinary year, the end of the world did not come, and website optimization, but it makes a lot of workers in Shanghai Longfeng days like the end of the world. Today, as a search engine, Google updated two times, in April and October in Google operating Shanghai dragon Er, is unspeakable pain. In these two months, Google updates coming, so many websites ushered in the era of fluctuation". Indeed, happily Tomb-sweeping Day and eleven holiday return, we meet is the website ranking disappear. At the same time, we also know that the Google algorithm is a new vocabulary: Google penguin. So Google has become a research hotspot of penguin Shanghai Longfeng people. Of course, in addition to the Google search engine, love Shanghai also followed Google’s footsteps, to speed up the pace of its fluctuation. Yes, in 2012, the Shanghai dragon, is a year of volatility. read more

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Restatement of long tail keywords meaning and its practice

we Shanghai Longfeng do is search engine optimization, produced in the course of searching engines, longer, more specifically, the number of search words is the long tail keywords is very low. The emergence of long tail keywords directly led to the study, the user experience and search results on conversion rate of the consideration of Shanghai dragon industry. The long tail keywords in competition is relatively weak, so is the object of many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners concern and mining. Rapid development in recent years is the long tail keywords and user make up can be divided into broad channels, not a search engine users are likely to create a long tail keywords. Also reflects the rapid development of network, user demand diversification. The long tail keywords has become the main source of large and medium-sized site traffic, according to a survey of more than 60% large site traffic from the long tail keyword search. It is also worth noting that large sites usually have tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of pages included, do long tail keywords. However, we do not have a huge small webmaster web pages to support the long tail keywords, of course can not attract long tail keyword search. read more

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Python3 script take love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain data analysis

import json# calls the JSON

here is the first function script:

data acquisition Calculation of

# above is mainly to lower can get all the data

outerlink_num = int (data1[‘count’]) # chain for the total number of



range_page_num = outerlink_num//100+2# per page 100, the chain total page number

all_data = []

def url_outerlink_anchor (URL): # Webmaster Platform

html1 = urllib.request.urlopen (‘贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/inbound/detail? D=%s& pagesize=100& page=1’%url).Read (.Decode) (‘utf-8’) # opened the first chain list read more

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Standard summarize the chain extension method

For example, the Four. Use

two. The site Links: I have to say Links is to increase the chain an absolutely effective method, as long as the other site was not K, the link has not been deleted, this is a permanent and effective outside the chain, there is no failure problems. But Links also has its shortcomings, after all the number of friends of the chain of a website is limited, when a site Links over 30 of the effect is not so obvious. I have written before "PR 0 website how to exchange Links", in which also carefully describes some skills and experience in site exchange links and links to purchase the initial. read more

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Right down the website how to carry out the diagnosis

? Note:

example: such as decoration and renovation sites, Feng Shui problems are related, but not matching.

> The comprehensive score of two, and the page

4. home page, not because the row right down, but those pages in the comprehensive scores obtained relatively high relative keywords.

1. chain score criteria: in addition to considering the quantity, also considering the correlation, matching degree and the weight of the page itself.


2. based flow of the keywords ranking, ranking is based on collected. read more

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How to control our website content update

first of all, we need to update frequency according to our own industry set, such as a lot of timeliness strong industries such as: wedding photography, decoration industry, we should be updated according to his time, such as the latest summer decoration effect diagram (in season), 2014 (according to the latest annual renovation renderings).

for business enterprise station station, many webmaster will update to update the news industry news business, the frequency of updates is quite fast, last updated the content without the user to click on, or be judged as spam, even if the last update frequency fast ranking still do not go up. read more

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Domain home is not the first in the analysis of causes and Solutions

on Friday in July 9th but good times don’t last long, small update, ranking has dropped, so I test all aspects of the website, I content updates, there are rules to increase the chain, Links situation is normal, but found that domain is not the first home page, I see a lot of Master wrote said, may now be right down, it is right to be reduced? So what causes the right to be reduced? Through the analysis: may be found for these reasons:

2, the content and the related website main keywords is not high enough, the main keyword is "Nanjing site construction", but I wrote a lot of optimization articles, but relatively few website articles, this is mainly related to is not enough, after the construction of some articles website is a must. read more

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How to optimize the two level domain name to two domain names out of a vast expanse of water

second, a sub domain name also need to update a large number of

Optimization of Pay attention to differentiation

was 3, two level domain operations, different from the master station to operate.

, the first sub domain keywords domain formInternational standard

Optimization of

when we do in the two level domain name must pay attention to a problem: the two level domain name content and master content must have the difference, if your site is doing the portal, then your two level domain name can be a branch of portal website content, and if your site is doing mobile phone, then you will not be able to the two level domain name in the mobile phone content, can do some other aspects, such as the mobile phone wallpaper, which I put forward several requirements: read more

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How to use the site of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to survive and Shanghai dragon business idea

second, the entrepreneurial process. I have a job, the psychological pressure is much smaller, the decoration of the site has not stopped, until the first half of 2015, the site of the primary key to love Shanghai ranked in the first two pages, beginning two months before receiving the first real customers due to the help of friends, order processing very a customer satisfaction, it also help me to introduce several customers. Then the more do >

! First of all, to stabilize the life of

. Because the decoration industry has some old station in front of the new station, want to go beyond them, take a very long time, he asked me to find a job, at least can guarantee the economic source, the use of spare time every day can be optimized. Because I must do this, the teacher said so, so I got a job in Shanghai Longfeng work for a very low wage. In the company, I see the website profit model of the company, let me have a deeper understanding of the construction of Shanghai Longfeng site, work is no longer just send articles and send the chain. read more

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talk about is how a drop right site restoration ranking experience

website down right after the domain command inquires, found himself on the front page of the site has lost the rankings, at this time to try to improve the website home page weight, the method is to optimize the internal chain, different channel chain to the home page, also through marketing to accelerate the high quality of the chain, especially A5 provides the construction of the chain service, let the home page weight I soon recovered!

and then change the original content update frequency, are beginning to have the law of the original content of daily writing, appropriate changes when the anchor text anchor text keyword density, almost all the way, but the keyword density was maintained at 5 percent, so after a month of continuous updates, eventually the content of the web site included became normal, love of Shanghai also. read more

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ndependent P virtual host with shared p difference

5, can be directly to visit

2, IP

6, can achieve the pan binding domain

was likely to reduce

7, the construction of the chain

binding; IP When the same

4, to enhance the user website search engine and a chance

if a IP corresponds to only one site, the search engine will assess the site of high quality in order to improve the collection level, search engines are more likely to grab the page of the website, to website promotion and Internet marketing;

users can be directly resolved to domain independent IP host www.yunshuju贵族宝贝/host/duliipzhuji.asp, will not have to go to the hosting control panel to do read more

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How to determine whether a keyword can bring flow

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

website right down topics:

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain


Shanghai index judgment through love. Love this product personally feel Shanghai index details not reliable, analysis of each word can not be completely correct brought traffic, but in general is no problem, the general index of very high word will have considerable traffic, but the index is relatively low and relatively big read more

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Several search engines snapshot backwards


1, website update stalled, if the site is not updated, the search engine spiders visit will not index into the new content, when the content of home long-term website snapshot will remain immutable and frozen, at this time, for example, a web site in February 3rd to stop the update, then no updated, then the search engine snapshot will stay in February 3rd, as long as the site is not updated snapshot will always stay in February 3rd, you may wish to see a snapshot of the bread net, the website snapshot date is the last article update time, and through the observation of several sites, found that many sites are the same the situation, from this point of view, the index date is not love Shanghai love Shanghai representative snapshot, but the website for the latest update date, If a site has not been updated, even if the search engine came every day, the snapshot is not on. read more

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Shanghai dragon industry promising more difficult


Shanghai dragon competition like a raging fire should give up or insist on

dim Shanghai dragon industry

from the above we can see that this person hard to do stand for more than three months can be the result of love Shanghai or not a little effect, Google is good, can see the rankings, although the ranking is not very good. Look at the person, I will give you a look at other people responsible for the recent site:

webmaster to the site to have initial optimization step difficult, no matter how bad the chain, no matter how competitive do, whether is the enterprise or individual station station. Every successful webmaster want to bring their own team to service their own website. read more

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Love Shanghai launched audio to document web application may be good for the website optimization

can’t deny, with the popularity of mobile Internet, especially Internet broadcast hot, many people love to pick up the mobile phone video chat, with the mouth and typing, voice much faster, and with a short video of hot, the future of video more and more fire, relative words content less! How to find the text quality that is a real problem. But the collection of websites, more and more small, making web content using pseudo original, empty ganba and weakness, but also short. Website optimization cannot do without the original content, audio conversion document may be updated website content to provide new sources of. read more

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